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Tiny Tots

A fun and introductory class for little dancers and their mums or dads. The Tiny Tots class incorporates movement, dance and singing in a fun and relaxed environment. A great way to inspire the love of dance for your child! Tiny Tots classes are designed for children who are not turning 3 until after March 31st. Enrolments are taken at anytime during the year.

Little Generation

A fabulous foundation for a “budding dancer”. Little Generation dancers must turn 3 before March 31st of the current year, or be turning 4 during the current year.

Junior Generation

A step up from our “Little Generation” class where dancers are gaining more independence, and learning more advanced movements. All Junior Generation dancers must have turned 4 before the 31st of March of the current year, or be turning 5 during the current year.

Primary Generation

A more advanced class for our school aged dancers. This class is the final step before dancers have the opportunity to enter examinations in Level 1. The main focus is building technique and confidence. Primary classes are for Prep students.

Jazz, Tap & Classical Ballet classes

Level 1 and above Jazz, Tap & Classical Ballet classes boast a highly comprehensive syllabus that provides dancers with correct training and technique. Dancers will have the option to enter exams through the Southern Federation of Dance. Whilst exams are optional, they are strongly encouraged as it builds self-confidence, improves technique and gives dancers a goal. In level 1, exams are very relaxed and teachers are allowed into the examination room with the students. Please note that students must be in Year 1 at school to commence in Level 1 and above classes.

Adult Classes

Designed for adults (aged 18 and above) and adults who have had dance experience. These classes will also have the opportunity to perform in the end of year concert. No uniform is required for the adult classes, but appropriate dance footwear must be worn.

Hip Hop

A very popular style, especially with boys! Let your dancers feel their “funky” side with our fun hip hop classes. Runners may be worn for Hip Hop i.e Dunlop Volleys or dance sneakers.


Contemporary is a very unique style and allows dancers freedom of movement, but with control. A great class to compliment exam students! Get ready to enjoy some turns, leaps, floor work and stretching.

Senior Jazz/Contemporary/Hip Hop

Our senior classes are for students aged 12 and above who are looking for a challenge, however not wanting to do exams. This class will focus on technique as well as learning new routines. Some experience in dance is recommended for these classes.

Performance Troupes

Next Generation Dance Studio offers Performance Troupes, which are by invitation only. Our performance troupes will have the opportunity to compete at different events and competitions throughout the year. A high level of dedication and commitment and dance ability is required to be a part of the troupes. Performance Troupe is a great way for students to gain experience dancing in different environments, and to let their colours shine on stage!

Glee Class

“Glee” is a group singing class focusing on working in a team to create amazing harmonies and learn stage presentation and performance. Students will learn fun songs and perform them with confidence.

Private Singing Classes

Next Gen is proud to offer private singing tuition. Please contact the office to make an appropriate time. Lessons are 30 minutes each.


Our Acrobatics classes are provided under the Canadian Designed Acrobatique ™ Syllabus. Classes are designed to teach students how to safely execute tricks such as backbends, walkovers, handstands, cartwheels and more and incorporate them into dance routines! An excellent class to compliment each and every dancer to give them strength and flexibility.

Solo Classes

Classes are by invitation only and are aimed at dancers wanting to enter competitions.

Disneyland Classes

For students participating in the 2016 Disneyland trip.