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Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet  A fun filled program designed specifically for Pre-School Children. Ready Set Dance Level 1 is suitable for 2-3 year olds and Ready Set Dance Level 2 is suitable for 4-5 year olds (Must be in 4yo Kinder to be in Level 2). This is an age appropriate syllabus for our littlest dancers.  Ready Set Dance comprises of Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Music and Singing.  Ready Set Ballet is the perfect introduction to ballet for pre-school children Follow this link to find out more about this fantastic program

Primary Generation A class designed for Prep and Grade 1 school aged students which incorporates Ballet, Jazz and Tap in a single class. This class prepares dancers to enter classes in Level 1 in the following year. The main focus is building technique and building confidence for students in a level between Pre-School and Level 1 classes. 

Jazz, Tap & Classical Ballet classes (Level 1 and above) A highly comprehensive syllabus that provides dancers with correct training and technique in these disciplines. Dancers will have the option to enter exams through the Southern Federation of Dance. Whilst exams are optional, they are strongly encouraged as it builds self- confidence, improves technique and gives dancers a goal. In levels 1 and 2 exams are very relaxed and teachers are allowed into the examination room with the students. Please note that students must be in Year 2 at school to commence in Level 1 and above classes. 

Contemporary A very unique style which allows dancers freedom of movement, but with control. A great class to compliment exam students! We have classes for ages 6-18 from beginner through to advanced senior students. Guide to levels : Ages  Tinies Contemporary (Level 1 and above) , Ages 10-12 for Junior Contemporary and Ages 13-18 for Senior Contemporary.  Get ready to enjoy some turns, leaps, floor work and stretching. For safety reasons, knee pads are to be worn for all contemporary classes and are compulsory. 

Hip Hop A very popular style amongst dancers and a more relaxed style than jazz. Find your inner hip-hop with our amazing classes! We have classes for ages 6-18 for beginner through to advanced senior students. Guide to levels : Ages 6-9 Tinies Hip Hop, Ages 10-12 Junior Hip Hop and Ages 13-18 Senior Hip Hop

Senior Open Classes Our senior classes (Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop) are for students aged 13 and above who are looking for a challenge without the requirement to undertake exams. These classes will focus on technique as well as learning new routines. Some experience in dance is recommended for these classes. 

Acro These classes are provided under the Canadian Designed Acro Dance Teachers Association (ADTA – formerly Acrobatique). Classes are designed to teach students how to safely execute tricks such as backbends, walkovers, handstands, cartwheels and incorporate them into dance routines. An excellent class to compliment each and every dancer to give them strength and flexibility. Students MUST be undertaking a dance class to be eligible for an Acro class.  Acro is not available as a stand alone class 

Broadway Jazz/Musical Theatre This class is for the student who loves to perform and let out their inner broadway star! Focussing on performance quality, confidence and musical theatre based choreography, this is such a fun class for any level of dancer. This will incorporate choreography to broadway/musical theatre songs as well as basic jazz technique and singing. 

Intensive Technique Classes These classes are made available for for students aged 6 and above in both Junior and Senior levels who are enrolled in at least one other dance class. Intensive classes are for students who are striving to bring a strong, technical element into their dancing. Class includes stretching, turns, jumps, kicks, progressions and much much more. Students should have a good knowledge of dance before participating in this class. Aimed at the intermediate-advanced dancer. 

Elite Generation Extension Program This program has been developed for dancers in both a Junior and Senior level who are wanting to take their dancing to a higher level. The program is designed to allow students to condense the program into 2, 3 or 4 days with the full program covering a combination of jazz, ballet, technique, stretch, acro, contemporary and hip hop. Refer to the Elite Generation Extension Program documents for full details (available upon request). 

Disneyland Classes These classes are for are for students participating in the 2022 Disneyland/USA trip only. 

Competition Solo and Troupe classes These classes are by invitation only. Our Competition Troupes will have the opportunity to compete at different events and competitions throughout the year. A high level of dedication and commitment with established dance ability/technique is required to be a part of the Troupes. Competition Troupe is a great way for students to gain experience dancing in different environments, and to let their colours shine on stage! 

Adult Classes Designed for adults aged 18 and above and aimed at beginner/ intermediate dancers. A fun and relaxed class where everyone has a great time! Different styles are incorporated into the class such as jazz, lyrical and contemporary, as well as strengthening and technique. A fantastic class for fitness.