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  • We just came from the end of year concert and I felt like I need to share my awesome experience throughout the year with these amazing ladies.  Well if you are results driven and want your kids to have the time of their life, this is the place to be.  We have nothing but respect to everyone at Next Generation Dance Studio
  • Amazing dance studio with the most amazing staff, it’s such a loving and caring environment and the teachers put in so much effort in and out of class. would highly recommend for anyone of any age
  • We love this dance school so much. My daughter has been attending since she was 2 and a half and she is now 10. Through all of those years we have felt part of a wonderful, caring, supportive and encouraging dance family. My daughter loves dance, and has adored all of her dance teachers across those years (she does jazz, ballet, tap, troupe competitions and an extension class, and has also done contemporary and acro in the past). Her confidence and pride in who she is and what she can do has grown so much, and it is through how Miss Belinda, Miss Ashlea, Miss Poppy, and all of the other teachers she has worked with support the girls and encourage their development. Oh and I also love the adult’s dance class on a Wednesday night – a bunch of us who enjoy dance too, we have a great workout, enjoy a laugh and feel great at the end of the class! Supportive, non-judgmental, encouraging and fun!! Cannot rate Next Generation Dance Studio highly enough!!
  • Next Generation Dance Studio is an amazing dance school. The teachers are all experienced, professional and friendly.
    They will go the extra mile to make sure their dancers are happy and that they grow, learn and enjoy their dancing.
    My daughter has gone from strength to strength and looks forward to every dance class she goes to.
    She has a wonderful relationship with her dance teachers who have encouraged her and helped her to grow in so many ways.
    I am amazed at how confident she is now and how she just shines on stage!
  • The end of year concerts are fantastic and it is wonderful to see the joy on the dancers faces as they perform stage.
    Miss Belinda is a marvellous principal who is totally devoted to her dance school and the happiness and success of her dancers.  Thank you Next Generation Dance Studio for everything! You are the best!
  • I felt like I struck gold back in January 2011 when I stumbled across an advertisement for a Tiny Tots class at the newly established Next Generation Dance Studio – a class for Mums/Dads and their 2 year old “babies” 🙂  My daughter and I had lots of fun that year – it was a great way to spend quality time together on a Saturday morning, but more importantly it was the best introduction to dance for a 2 year old and has fostered a love of dance and movement that has only grown since then.
  • Miss Belinda is a wonderful Principal of the school.  She is caring, fun, and has such a fresh love of dance and of her dancers, that comes across in all she does for them, in how she conducts herself and how she conducts the school.  My 2 year old is now a 7 year old, and she now does ballet, jazz, troupe and a solo class at Next Gen.  She goes to class with a smile on her face, and in her words she “gets energy from dancing” at Next Gen.
  • I wanted a dance school that was about the love of dance, with plenty of structure and discipline but without losing the sense of fun and enjoyment of the art – Next Gen balances this better than I could have imagined.  The best part for me this year is I have started doing an adult’s beginner class too – a bunch of mums having fun on a Tuesday night and getting fitter in the process!!
  • I recommend Next Generation Dance Studio to anyone wanting a supportive, fun and friendly environment where kids can experience amazing opportunities and show consistent improvement. We had the good fortune of travelling to the USA and my daughters perform at Disneyland with Next Generation and it was an experience my kids will cherish forever. They have also had the opportunity to represent their dance school at competitions and I’ve seen my daughters’ confidence and dance technique improve consistently in the time they have been at the studio. The teachers at Next Generation go way beyond the call of duty with the kids. We just love Next Generation.